Monday, May 30, 2011

New Blog Format

Dear Lone Readers:

I've decided to keep my blog topics to a more organized fashion.  This past couple of weeks I've been copying and pasting entries from one set of blog to the other in order to accommodate the readers to not have to switch around.  For the past year, I've utilized Blogger for the reason of user-friendly.  I am not able to customize as much as I have on Xanga, but as long as I am able to utilize black/grey/white/and purples, I'm a happy camper.

I attempted to re-vitalize my Xanga for the mere reason of the fact that I paid good money for their lifetime "Premium" account and I wanted to take advantage of that cost.  I also have my earlier documentation of my personal development journey which started to really take off in 2008.  I'm going to ween away from Xanga.  I have started and organize two main blogs: The Faith Entry is about my experiences, observations, and insights on the topic of church and spirituality.  Jia You>>>Ga Yau! will be about discoveries, insights and observations on my personal development and performances.  I'm very well aware that the topic of spirituality and personal development overlap.  My decision on which blog receives what when they do overlap will be more or less a judgement call.

Feel free to read my older entries on Xanga, for they document my transition from grief over my mother's death in 2005 to my personal development in 2008.

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