Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Confessions of a Personal Growth Junkie

Hi, My name is Jarrett and I'm a Personal Growth Junkie...

("Hi, Jarrett!")

I didn't really think that the path and decisions I've made was really a problem for me. In fact, I don't even know why I'm here. It's not like I'm sneaking around behind anyone's back. People know what I'm up to. In fact I've openly blogged about my past experience in different class settings. Is that really a problem here? You really want to know a problem situation? Then look at the blog HERE that I completed over six years ago. Now that person who wrote THIS has a problem. Wouldn't you agree?

I mean, what is wrong with taking classes, reading books, and doing home-study courses to become a more open, present, richer, relational person. I don't see anything wrong with doing all of that. What am I in denial of?

OK, OK, I'm very offended that your overall assessment is that with all of that stuff I've been doing these past three or more years, I haven't really created any concrete results. That's YOUR f*cking opinion. I'm not going to make a million dollars overnight. I didn't take any courses called "manifesting lottery jackpots," ok? I gotten better in my acting even though I haven't done a major production in almost five years prior to my taking these courses. Hell, I even got an agent now. I didn't have one before. So this "I haven't made enough progress" bullshit offends me immensely. There's more to life than just dollars, you know.

Listen, I've accomplished a lot since I've taken these courses. It doesn't matter if I made any money or found the love of my life yet. My lovelife aint none of your business anyways. I've learned to rock-climb, rappel, break arrows on my neck, walk on fire, and skydive. I wouldn't have done any of that without learning what I learned. And F* You, don't you tell me it didn't do me any good.

No, I don't think I'm better than any of you because I've done all of that. Actually the purpose of learning to do all those challenges was to acknowledge and affirm MY awesomeness and unlimited potential as a human being. I swear it's not to elevate myself over any of you folks. No, that's not why I did that. I just wanted to be able to do something I thought was not possible for me to do. That's all. And now that I've done it, yes I do feel more empowered. So? What's wrong with that? No, I swear I'm not basing myself on completing those challenges. No, I have not looked down on people who hasn't done such activities. Yes, I have shared those moments with strangers. I'm proud of what I've accomplished. Why wouldn't I share with someone? Stop looking at me like I'm in some sort of denial. I know better than basing my self-worth on some extreme-sporting activity.

Look, contrary to your assessment about me, I do intend to apply every lesson I learned and integrating it into all my endeavors. Is that why I'm here? Cause you folks don't think I will be able to pull it off? I know I can pull this off. Hey you know, I've walked on fire be-

-No, no, no, I'm not trying to prove myself on what I done. Look, I know what you guys are doing, ok? I'm not gonna fall for that. Oldest trick in the book. Trap me at my own words. Nice try.

What is it to you? No, I didn't complete every book I purchased yet. Am I supposed to read ALL OF THEM at once? No, I haven't reviewed my workbook from that course I took two years ago. What difference does that make? No, I haven't contacted my classmate I agreed to support. We've BOTH been very busy. What is your point in all of this? Who's in denial here? Maybe you don't have a point after all and you're wasting my time dragging me here-

-NO, I'm NOT a victim.

If that's what's bothering you so much, then I'll finish all the home-study courses I started. Yes, I'll read all the books and finish them. There's nothing wrong with me following-up on what I learned in class. It's not like I'm some reality show junkie. I don't care about Idol, or Glee. I'm committed to my growth. Is there anything wrong with that? I'm really getting tired of this accusation that I'm NOT. Why would I be buried in all of this if I wasn't committed. That's what offends me so much.

Have I taken what I learned and applied it to my work? Well if and when I'm given that opportunity, I will. My relationships? What's with the obsession with my love life? Oh, ALL relationships. I knew that. Just playing. I'm learning to. I'm learning to. That's what this is, I AM learning to. I'm learning to apply this to my career, my relationships, my spirituality, my physical well being. I'm learning to, OK?

I'm learning, OK? I'm learning, OK? I'm learning to, OK? I just NEED to complete this other seminar, and order this home-study course, THEN I'll apply-

-what's with this shaking your head crap?

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