Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Great I AM

The greatest gift to yourself is to accept, receive, and share the inner gift within to others.

Upon that realization, I came to the conclusion that as passionate I am about acting and performing, I really shortchanged myself by declaring that "I am an actor/performer/writer."

I'm much more than that.

I don't like the term "divine" so much because I found that word to be overly cliched and quite simply, overused within discussions of spirituality. I find it as overused and overcharged as the "G" word.

However, as a Divine Being, that's exactly who I AM. I'm unable to find others words to replace. It means to much to be a DB. But that's who I am in the purest sense. It's also who everyone else is in the purest sense.

Call it what you feel most comfortable calling Divine: "God-self, Higher-Self, enlightened self, spirit-self, blissful self, higher-power." That essence is not only our common-denominator, but it's what unifies all of us. Personally for myself, I prefer to use the term, "Imago Dei." (Latin for "Image of God") I learned the concept of Imago Dei within my Christian training, but I use it towards everyone regardless of their beliefs.

Going back to what I was originally going to say, by declaring myself as "JUST" an actor, or a writer, or a performer, or a public speaker really keeps me into this limited shield that prevents me from other opportunities. I understand that with most conversations, the initial question is "what do you do for a living?" That's when I trap myself by attempting to articulate an answer that'll make a favorable impression upon the person(s) asking me.

But answering in such a way does neither myself or the person asking any favors. I'm not answering from my "core." It's spinning an answer in such a way to make an impression. But doing so shortchanges everyone involved in the conversation, especially myself.  The thing is, what exactly do I tell people when asked that question.  I do work as an actor and I do get compensated for the work I do.  Writing is more of a therapeutic tool for myself.  I tend to be the public face for our performing martial arts group. 

But it's still not who I AM.  I AM that cliche: "spiritual being having a human experience."  Just like yourself.  Just like the idiot who waved the middle finger as s/he cut us off while driving.  (Though admittedly I'm far from acknowledging their Divine at that moment!)  We created a world that judges according to what someone does or doesn't do.  We're not created to judge.  We're simply created to just be. 

Maybe this should be on my Faith Entry page instead.

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