Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Personal Development/Wealth Books and Programs

Yes I know back in April I compiled a list of books HERE.

I also commented that this list would be added on in due time on a regular basis since I left out something and/or I read something new to add. However, I'm adding a whole new dimension to the whole book reading by including home-study programs and seminars.

Dr Barbara King-Transform Your Life-Some years back in my early 20s, I just began going to church on a regular basis, and was persuaded to leave behind the personal development seminar lifestyle. I prayed for something to bridge those two experiences together and at a 24-hour newsstand, this book literally fell into my lap. She includes a lot of Biblical allegories and how to apply it to everyday living.

Eric Butterworth-Discover The Power Within You-One of the main Unity pastors based in New York written this during the beginning of the counter-culture self-discovery movement. A timeless piece that still resonates even though he makes reference to the current social setting some 40+ years back. If I didn't know better, I'd say this book influenced what Dr Barbara wrote. I wouldn't because I'm more convinced the following authors influenced BOTH writers:

Emmet Fox, Charles Fillmore, Florence Scovel Shinn, H Emile Cady, Joseph Murphy-I did not specify any titles because I found the books I've read from them to be extremely valuable. In fact, they influenced me into attending Unity Church now on a regular basis. Just remember to have a Bible handy when reading from any of those authors.

Mike Dooley has a trio of home-study courses that eventually became published books. I'd recommend paying more for the home study courses rather than reading the books. Leveraging the Universe, Infinite Possibilities and Manifesting Change are all excellent programs.

The Silva Method-Silva Life System is the foundation of all foundation to active meditation and visualizing. Ask any contemporary self-development author and energy healers, they'll tell you they got where they are as a result of learning this method. Any personal development program and/or seminar which incorporates any form of meditation, relaxation, or visualization exercises has its roots to the research of the Late Dr Jose Silva.

Eventually with affiliates programs and all, I will be openly endorsing the above products on a future website.

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