Monday, July 11, 2011

After The Fact Manifestation

So apparently, I have manifested items and situations I've set myself up for. It's just that I didn't realize that it happened until AFTER the fact. I can see that it pays off to journal and blog to review what's been declared and set.

When I made my commitment to The Salvation Army at the end of 1995, I decided to "rely more on God" and less on my personal development self. I initially thought it was the right thing to do, plus I was under the impression that it was spiritual and godly to voluntarily "deny myself." I was miserable to be honest. I placed all of my notebooks from my seminars in storage thinking it would never pop back up again. After all, God is SUPPOSED to be my provider.

When my mom passed away in 2005 and I was clearing out her house, I came across those notebooks. Written down in 1994 was a goal that I set for myself:
To be in Hong Kong before July 1, 1997
Meet my biological mother
Drive to an Oakland Raiders game

For those who travel on a regular basis, it's not such a big deal. However when I wrote that goal back in 1994, I never traveled further than Honolulu. I also didn't know what a passport was or why it was needed to travel. Plus I grew up in a family that the family would "SOMEDAY" travel to Asia including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Until then, save money so the family could travel together. My parents has been on a fixed income since 1984. They had already given up on the prospect of traveling to Asia. I set the goal of being there before July 1, 1997 because that was the date Britain was supposed to return the Colony back to China. I wanted to experience Hong Kong during British rule. On June 15, 1997 I arrived at the Hong Kong International Kai Tak Airport. Who would've known that I would actually be in Hong Kong during the actual Handover? Beyond my expectation.

Bear in mind, I forgot about the written goals as I had boxed up the notebooks somewhere in 95-96. It wasn't until I moved my personal belongings out of my mother's home in 2005 that I had access to the notebooks. In fact I believe I took the notebooks out in 2007 when I got in contact with one of my past mentors. He asked if I was interested in attending one of his courses. After getting in contact, I went into the boxes and opened the notebook. When I saw what I wrote in 94, I immediately signed up for the course we discussed earlier. (I had initially declined)

When I wrote what I wrote about meeting my biological mother in 1994, I had no idea how that was going to come about. For anyone familiar with adoption laws and legality, one is not able to simply walk into an agency responsible for coordinating an adoption process and receive contact information to the birth parents. I had been in search for my biological parents as early as 1989, and had hit every legal and/or financial dead end. If there was a way to get around the legal system, then the financial demand to do so became an obstacle. The process from 89 to 94 was a frustrating process. Who would've known that when I wrote the goal down in 1994, the process would suddenly speed up. On February 21, 1995, I met my birth mother for the "2nd" time? The end result of the encounter did not turn out is a more connected manner, however I was able to get answers that I waited for my entire life.

The Raiders were supposed to move and return to the City of Oakland from Los Angeles back in 1990. However due to legal ramification and resistance among the community, the deal ended up with the Raiders announcing that they were to remain in Los Angeles. The funny part was, I was very sarcastic when I wrote that goal down. At that time, I did not think, let alone believe that the possibility of driving to an Oakland Raiders game was feasible. In 1993, I had already packed and disposed all of my "Return to Oakland" Raiders' shirts among other Raiders items. Six years after 1994, I'm watching my OAKLAND Raiders play in the AFC Championship game at Oakland. Unfortunately they lost to the Baltimore Ravens.

Once again as I was clearing out my apartment recently, I realized I had manifested again. Yes it was a five year process for it to happen.

Since 2002, I was driving a 1998 Silver Honda Civic EX. I contemplated getting a Toyota Matrix in 2004, but I was a loyal fan of Hondas. When looking at prospective cars, my mantra was, "If there was a Honda 4-door version of a Matrix and/or a 4 door hatchback, that's my new car!" Only a 2-door hatchback were available at that time.

In November 2005, I decided to visit Singapore for the first time. Since my family was no longer intact following the recent death of my mother (adoptive) I had no plans for Thanksgiving. While I was there I headed back to my hotel, and parked in front was a Honda Jazz. It was a 4-door compact hatchback made by Honda. I was excited that I began to take photos of the car until I was greeted by the owner. He was puzzled as to why I was intrigued enough to be taking photos of his car. I explained to him that I was from the States and that there was no such model available. He was then generous enough to open the car and allowed me to sit inside the car. He opened the driver's side to let me sit, but because the drivers side is opposite than the driver's side in the States, I requested to sit on the passenger's side which puzzled the owner even more.

In 2007, Honda USA announced the release of a new model called the Honda Fit. That same year, it was announced elsewhere that the Honda Jazz would be named the Honda Fit. When I purchased a new car in 2008, I went in an opposite direction. I had taken the PSI Basic Seminar and decided I wanted to get a new European made car. I purchased a VW Rabbit, 4-door hatchback. Though I stayed true to my idea of the 4-door hatchback, that marriage to VW became strained and eventually I traded the car in 2010 for a Honda Fit. At that point, I had completely forgotten all about my "Honda mantra" some six years prior.

It was a few months ago when I reviewed the photos I taken during my first of many trips to Singapore. I was initially puzzled (like the Jazz owner) when I saw the photos taken in the dark. Luckily the photo processing plant gave me a CD of the photos taken. (Those were the last series of photos taken with a film camera) I downloaded the photos from the CD, color corrected the photos with a photo editor and discovered photos of a BLACK Honda Jazz. My jaws dropped in awe. For almost a year, I had been driving around in my BLACK Honda Fit. I didn't know that I was following Mike Dooley's advice on The Secret, but in essence, I was when I sat in the passenger side of the Honda Jazz that fateful November 2005 night. Remember, The Secret was actually released in 2006, so there was no way I had access to the advice.

So now next on the manifesting agenda are houses/homes. (YES, plural!!!) I look forward to being blown away again like the way I've been when I review old written goals or old photos.

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