Friday, October 21, 2016

Another Election

I'm not going to recycle the same ELECTION POST that I do every four years where I vent and lament over the fact that this duopoly gets slammed down the American public throats and nothing is ever done about it.

People are fear-based and they react accordingly.  For example, this particular election the majority of voters have expressed that they're voting according to their fear of what happens when the "other candidate" is to win the election.  Very seldom have I heard that someone is actually voting "FOR" either Trump or Clinton.  Among the pool of those supporting either candidates, I'm going to guess that group makes a small percentage.

I've been voting for third parties since the 2000 Election.  Why?  Because Trump is right, the system is rigged, and I vote in an attempt to get a third party over the 5% threshold in order to qualify for the pool of election funds that are taken out of our taxes every year.  Otherwise that fund gets distributed to just the Democrips and the Rebloodicans.  I look at the bigger picture and attempt to get any third party that foot in the door.

This year, I've maximized my absolute disgust with the debate.  Whether you think Jill Stein or Gary Johnson is presidential material or a fringe candidate is irrelevant.  The fact that they're both on enough ballots by state to obtain the necessary Electoral College vote should allow them a platform to debate and get their agenda and policy platform heard on a mass scale.  This election demonstrates that the election is indeed fixed, but not within the context Donald Trump is expressing.  In actuality this system is fixed IN FAVOR of Trump.

SUPPOSEDLY Hillary Clinton made history this year as the "First Female Presidential Candidate on a MAJOR PARTY TICKET."

So fucking what.

I voted for a female presidential candidate back in 2008.  It was NOT a "write-in" vote.  Her name was on the ballot.

If you're wondering who this person was/is, then you just clearly validate why this voting system is the shits along with their mediot puppets.

For those of you who's been holding your noses fence-s(h)itting in deciding who to vote for this year or whether or not vote period, this election and this jacked up system is your fault.

You're too busy downloading this app or lining up for that newest phone hardware to give a crap on making sure that in our democratic republic, all our voices are heard.  Instead the bullies took over.  No one has truly investigated whether or not voter fraud has truly been executed during the primaries even though Wikileaks have published documentation of the DNC's questionable practices.

It's your fault for believing the mediots out there that a vote for a third party is a "wasted vote."  You know what a "wasted vote" really is?  An eligible voter who didn't vote.  The last I checked, during the 2012 election, that number was higher than all who has NOT registered to vote as either a Democrip or Rebloodican."

What if the non-voters and the non Dem and non Rep all voted as one bloc?  It'd be a bloc of votes that would outnumber a Democrap bloc and even a Repugnantan bloc.

But again, too many folks are s(h)itting on their asses.

I didn't agree with nor did I liked the tactics that the Occupy Movement.  I didn't think holding the City of Oakland hostage and draining mom and pops business from their vandalism and stealing was a wise way of expressing their angst and quite frankly, I wished more armed Oaktowners came by them and exercised their REAL 2nd Amendment rights on them.  Now having said all of that, has either a Repugnantan or a Democrap legislated on their behalf?  And before you say Bernie Sanders, let's make some clarifications:
1) He sold out because he feared a Trump presidency. (Or at least that's his "official reason")
2) He was NOT a Democrap to begin with.  He had no business running on that ticket during the primaries which was and is why I never accepted him seriously as a Presidential candidate.  He perpetuates that "third party vote is a wasted vote" BS.

We don't have enough people out there in our society to take a stand against what's wrong.  Stands aren't taken until it affects them directly.  Don't believe me?  Look at the Black Lives Matter movement.  Look at the Occupy Movement.  People don't take stands because our education system developed sheep, NOT leaders.  If our education system was programmed to develop leaders instead of sheep, we wouldn't have the election we're having now.

This system is not designed to thrive with too many developed leaders, it's designed to thrive with the majority to be sheep and sheep mentality.  When I talk about "system," I'm not just talking politics.  I'm talking business, mediots, education, and even social level.

Why do I say "mediots" instead of media?  Because the media is an idiot creating machine, or in other words, an idiot converter.  It converts people into idiots.  They are the gatekeeper of the voice to be heard by the masses.  Were you a Bernie supporter earlier this year?  Were you frustrated at his (lack of) coverage during the Primaries?  Did you think it was simply an oversight?

Have you figured out my 2008 choice yet?  If you haven't don't worry.  This person had very little press coverage during 2008 and wasn't invited to the Presidential Debates.

When I grew up in school, I learned that we lived in a democratic republic and that the media and press' job was the keep the public informed, that because there's no monarchy or dictatorship, anyone could become president regardless of class or social status.  I look around now and I felt lied to by my teachers.  A democratic republic where corporations are acknowledged as an individual?  A democratic republic where the person with the most money for ads in the media is the most heard regardless of whether what they're saying is true or not?

People once said that the occupation of every person on this planet is a salesperson.  Either they're selling who they are or being sold on who they are.  That's partially true.  However, as an actor, I believe that in addition to being a salesperson, everyone is an actor. I watched all three debates and I couldn't help but think about the "green room."

What's the green room?

If you're performing, there's a room or designated area for the performers during a production.  Two actors who play sworn enemies on the stage to the public may actually be in the green room talking about anything or everything, play cards, take selfies, ect.  But in the eyes of the public, they're enemies.  The public does not have access to the green room and see and hear the interaction of the performers there.  They only get to see the battle between them on that stage.

Was the debate more of a debate or a performance?

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