Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The King and Queen of Hearts

Happy Hearts Day!!!

So for those of us who are considered "single" and/or were physically away from our respected significant other for one reason or another and were unable to spend time together today, I'm going to pose an important question.  Actually scratch that.  This question is for everyone, including those who went all out and celebrated today with their respected "special someone someone."

What special thing didja do for your absolutely, wonderfully, ever lasting and loyal "TRUE LOVE?"

Now before answering, I want to clarify and be specific of whom I'm referring to when I ask that question.

What special thing did you do for that person who looks back at you every time you look in the mirror?

If today is designed to celebrate your "special" relationships, wouldn't the most important relationship in your life be acknowledged in some shape or form today?  Shouldn't the most important relationship in your life be acknowledged in some shape or form today if today is designed to celebrate those "special" relationships?

Yes, I am referring to YOU

Who else is out there?  Who is with you 24/7?  Who sees you naked every time you undress?  Who else are you fully responsible for?

I used to be very cynical towards Valentine's Day.  I was a victim.  Victim of bad relationships, girlfriends from Hell, singleness, over charging restaurants, unrealistic expectations.  You name it, I was once a victim of it until the sheer utter hateness and livid bile permeated my entire beingness come every February 14.

As someone of Chinese descent, thank God the Lunar New Year rolled around the same time.  That enabled me to effortlessly find "distractions."  People would ask in years past what my plans were for February 14, and my answer would be that I'm "too busy" with this or that Lunar New Year event.  For the most part, it worked.

And besides, why designate ONE DAY  out of the entire year to celebrate those special relationships in your life?  That's pretty sad and shallow to "NEED" a day remembering and celebrating when one should remember and celebrate their relationships every day! 

I've been in an "off again, on again" type of deal for the past 3 years.  We had a big squirmish during Valentine's Day 2011 when I said "it's Chinese New Year and we're 2000 miles away from each other."  It WAS CNY and she was located in Asia while I'm here in the States.  I was a volunteer for the Miss Chinatown USA Pageant which is held annually on Chinese New Year, and someone posted a shot of me distributing Valentines gift to the beauty contestants.  We almost split up, and thankfully we didn't.

So this week, something hit me about today regarding relationships.  Last year I focused on the Lunar New Year's festivities because I didn't have much faith in the relationship I was in during that time.  I wasn't having much faith as today we being approached closer and closer.  On top of that, the Lunar New Year concluded a week ago.  So when I attended church service this past Sunday, Rev. Donna asked all of us a poignant question.

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day with the most important relationship in YOUR life: YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF?

Huh?  Myself?  What?

Yup, all these years I've neglected the most important relationship in my life.  ME.  And then I wonder why I was such a "victim" to all those "Bad Valentines Day incidents" over the years.

Could it be that had I improve the connection to me, a lot of that would've disappeared?  Could it be, I would've been more open to celebrate last year?  Could it be that the relationship I was in would've been more "on" than "off?"

If someone asked me to give them $10, common sense would say that I would need to have at least $10 to fulfill their request.

To say that Valentine's Day celebrates the special relationships in our lives, especially our relationship with ourselves isn't being corny, or "touchy-feely," it's common sense.

So today, my special thing I did for myself was a little common sense.

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